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Hard landscaping considerations

September 1, 2017

Written by wilkinsonlandscapes

Hard landscaping is the term used to describe construction materials and elements in the garden; soft landscaping is used to describe the vegetative materials.

As with any project or redesign it is vital to make sure the money is well spent. A return on the investment may not be in monetary terms; is this your forever home or are you planning to move soon.

Purpose & use

How is the space going to be used, does it have multiple uses? Will the space need vehicular access? Is the space going to be used for playing sports, relaxing or is it a more formal area that you are looking to create?

Who is the space going to be used by

Now we have considered what the space is going to be used for it is important to consider who is going to be using the area. Features like ponds and raised areas need very careful planning when children are involved. How are areas going to be accessed?

Environment, water, soil conditions

The design will need to complement the existing environmental conditions. Do damp areas need draining to create lawn areas of even re-directing to create natural ponds/bog gardens? Do intended planting areas need cultivation or even raising to achieve intended planting schemes?


Just like your home, your garden reflects your own personal tastes and style. There is a huge array of choices with landscaping materials, making the right choices is vital in producing a scheme that is going to deliver pleasure for many years to come.

If you are left feeling lost or unsure with this or would just like friendly, professional advice, then please do not hesitate to get in touch by calling 01642790409 or email info@wilkinsonslandscapes.co.uk