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Making the most of your garden during Winter

January 11, 2017

Written by wilkinsonlandscapes

The prospect of gardening in the Winter may seem unappealing, but if you let the dark nights and cold weather deter you, you could end up paying the price come summer. By being proactive during the winter period, you can protect the hard work carried out during the year and make sure your garden is in top shape for the approaching sunshine.


Some plants, conifers and bushes will struggle to support the weight of snow and become misshapen as a result. After a night of heavy snowfall, go out and gently brush off any snow that may be causing plants to bend. It’s also worth doing the same to the shed or greenhouse in your garden, as the snow could have a similar impact on weak structures.

Weed control

Dealing with weeds can be a nuisance. There’s nothing more annoying than approaching the summer with big plans for your garden, only to have those plans put on hold by the arrival of these garden invaders. If you keep an eye out as the weather starts to warm up, you might begin to see the first weeds of the year begin to sprout. Stay on top of them by pulling them up, and you should avoid having a mammoth task ahead of you when summer arrives.

Be patient

If you’re too late and your plants have already been exposed to some harsh weather conditions, it’s important to not be too hasty in removing them. While frost can be extremely damaging, some plants are capable of surviving extreme weather and may rejuvenate from dormant buds below the soil. This process can take time, so take the necessary steps to protect them for what’s left of the winter and give them the time they need to recover.

Plan ahead

Once you’ve taken all the steps you can to give your garden a fighting chance during the winter, it’s time to relax in the warm indoors and plan your upcoming year of gardening.

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