Driveways & Paving

Sloping Driveway


Concept to completion: 3 months

The client had a concrete driveway with a steep gradient. Accessing the drive in winter months was therefore often dangerous and occasionally impossible. They wanted to resolve this problem and at the same time create a pleasant place to sit outside.

block paving durham


The complex project involved retaining some of the ramp but reducing the gradient and using steps to allow easy access to the property. The CAD drawing we produced for this was indispensable for clearly showing the clients what we intended to do; the visual representation was so much easier to work with than discussions or written descriptions.


The driveway was lowered and a retaining wall constructed to allow the change in level. The ramp and steps allowed easy access to the property.

DSC 0008


Constructing multiple levels  around the driveway allowed for some attractive planting to turn the entranceway into an eye-catching, pleasant outdoor space.

DSC 0005


A paved section at the top of the driveways provided the clients with somewhere to sit and admire the now stunning view.

DSC 0010

"We wanted a new garden, so we called Wilkinsons to help us. We knew we wanted a raised bed and somewhere to sit outside. When the plan came, Wilkinsons had interpreted and transformed our ideas and this magical space had become an outdoor extension of our home. The job involved a whole series of craftsmen, who were committed to doing a really good job. The garden is exactly what we wanted, thank you.

Mr & Mrs Ellison

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