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Paved Garden

Acklam, Middlesbrough

Concept to completion: 4 months

This client from Middlesbrough desperately wanted her front and back garden to be extremely low maintenance. To help fulfill her wish, we created a block paved path, in addition to introducing kerbs to level off gravel planting areas. The objective was to leave her with as little as possible to manage post-completion.

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Potential to blossom

The design of the front garden (shown to the left) highlights the circular soil planting area as the focal point. The bed was used for perennial and a feature shrub. In the back garden, we decided to use Indian sandstone paving blocks to create the paths. Seating areas were constructed and the surrounding areas were filled by gravel to complete the look.

IMG 2724

Front garden

This image shows the foundation work carried out to level the area before introducing the stones.

IMG 2887

Back garden

The end product did exactly what was asked of us. Neat, tidy and simple to manage.

"I am extremely pleased with end result of my garden, friends and family are constantly impressed. They listened carefully to my thoughts and needs throughout. I was assisted round the plant centre which I found particularly valuable. The whole team were polite, respectful and professional."

Janet McQuillen

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