Garden Design

Vegetable Patch

Fairfield, Stockton on Tees

Concept to completion: 4 months

This client loved the idea of growing their own organic vegetables. They requested a low maintenance landscape with a seating area to enjoy homemade meals outside.


For the farmer within
Growing your own produce can seem overwhelming to novices. But it’s actually far simpler than one would imagine. All you require is a few square feet, and a bit of your time. We chose a wooden container to compliment the surroundings of the patch. Using a simple diamond shape, we created an area that connected all parts of the garden.

The benefits of having your own vegetable patch

  1. A sense of pride from your own hard work
  2. Save money from your grocery shop
  3. Enjoy the taste of your own produce
  4. Reduce your impact on the environment
  5. It’s incredibly relaxing and rewarding

“The standard of workmanship and friendliness, in spite of the atrocious weather conditions, was exceptional. Wilkinsons’ staff worked steadily and cheerily throughout the job with no complaints. The finished garden far exceeds everything we ever expected and it was all worth every penny.”

Mrs Lowe

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