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We create dream gardens across the North East.

Combining our experience and expertise with your ideas and inspiration, together we can transform your garden into the place you want it to be.


Our Team of Experts

Transforming gardens since 1981

peter wilkinson

Peter Wilkinson


There would be no Wilkinsons Landscapes without Peter. An award winning garden designer. He is the man in charge!

mike wilkinson

Mike Wilkinson


Peter’s brother joined the business in 1988 - he is the director of the Landscapes & Plant Centre.

simon wilkinson

Simon Wilkinson


Simon’s worked his way up the business and is now chief commander of the Landscapes operation.

martin kirkby

Martin Kirby

Landscape Manager

Martin is one of our garden designers and horticultural genius, that helps to translate spectacular ideas onto paper to start your transformation.

Problem Solving

Need more space? Get advice on organising your garden

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Natural stone

A broad stroke guide to choosing the right paving for you.

A short pro and con list, comparing Natural stone to concrete.

Unearth solutions May 31, 2016

Quick Tips

Easy tips to prepare and transform your garden in time for summer

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Quick tips edited2

Keep weeds at bay from seeding as much as possible

Top 4 tips on stopping weeds at the source.

Grow your skills May 31, 2016

Get Inspired

A collection of photos to help you plan your garden

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Have a gradient garden that is unusable?

A well-constructed deck can give pleasure for many, many years.

Feed your ideas May 31, 2016