Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees add an interesting focal point to any garden, they provide structure and aesthetic appeal. They may have flowers and fragrance or an abundance of fruits/berries which are beneficial to wildlife (especially birds), an interesting shape, unusual bark, colourful leaves or a combination of these features. They also make a great background plant for shrubs and borders.

When deciding on an ornamental tree factors to consider include size, bloom season and duration, soil conditions and surface roots. Our plant centre team will be happy to advise you.

We stock many different types of ornamental trees including Oak, Beech, Birch, Acers, Lime.

Pleached Trees

A pleached tree consists of stunning branches trained on to canes which really add character to a garden. Not only do they look stylish, but they are becoming increasingly popular as they act as a privacy screen.

They can be used on their own or in conjunction with a low hedge or wall, are effective at creating a sense of boundary and adding privacy without blocking out a lot of light. A row of pleached trees, will soften the upper edges and increase the height of privacy screening without hiding the wall. This also allows you to under plant with shrubs/perennials.

Here at Wilkinsons we have a selection of shorter pleached trees on trellis’s as well as long stemmed trees, with a pleached frame at the top. Varieties of pleached trees we have available are carpinus betulas, photinia red robin and tilia (lime).

  • Betula Utilis Jacquemontii 10 litre £38.99 Stunning white bark for winter interest
  • Cotoneaster Cornubia 10 litre £36.99 Semi-evergreen, red berries in Autumn
  • Eucalyptus Gunni (Cider Gum) 10 litre £36.99 Evergreen scented foliage
  • Sorbus Joseph Rock 10 litre £37.99 Masses of Autumn berries, good for wildlife

(All prices before discount with share and save card)

Fruit Trees

We stock a large selection of fruit trees from apples and pears, to cherries and plums. When purchasing a fruit tree it’s important to choose a variety that will grow well in your soil and choose shapes where the final size fits the space you have. Make sure the tree is planted in a well prepared hole, with a good stake and strong tie. Water regularly and prune with sharp clean tools. Our plant centre staff will be able to advise you on the best sort of fruit tree to suit your garden.

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