Conifers are usually cone bearing woody evergreen trees and plants. They are a useful way of adding colour to a garden and are relatively easy to look after. These stately trees and shrubs create structure and architecture throughout the year. Conifers are not all green, with careful planning you can create a rich tapestry of silver, blue, cream, gold and yellow foliage.

Conifers create fabulous texture and often have aromatic foliage noticeable when you brush past one. It’s easy to create a modern, evergreen, low maintenance display that will look fabulous even in the depths of winter.

We have various large coniferous trees and shrubs available including Juniperus, Chamaecyparis, Thuja, Picea and Pinus.

Dwarf Conifers

Dwarf conifers are ideal for small gardens and spaces. They make wonderful feature trees in more compact gardens. Most are evergreen and often vary in colour from icy blue to vibrant gold so provide year round interest when space is limited.

In larger gardens, dwarf conifers are ideal for mixed conifer beds, mix multiple varieties to provide contrast in colour and texture. Dwarf conifers are fully hardy in the UK, easy to grow and look absolutely stunning in any landscape.

We have multiple varieties available including Picea, Pinus, Juniperus, Thuja and Chamaecyparis.

  • Abies Koreana (Korean Fir) 140/160cm 50 litre £99.99 Produces upright violet-blue cones
  • Cupressocyparis Leylandii 3 litre £5.99 Excellent for a dense evergreen hedge
  • Juniperus scop. Blue Arrow 125/150cm 30 litre £54.99 Pencil shaped conifer with blue foliage
  • Picea abies little gem 2 litre £6.99 Tiny bun-shaped conifer for rock garden

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Conifer Hedging

Conifer hedges are an extremely popular choice of hedge, as they provide year round cover. They give a lovely thick screen for ultimate privacy which also acts as a strong, wide barrier and reduces noise pollution from traffic. Also they provide cover for wildlife and nesting birds. Most varieties of hedging conifers are fast growing, so will achieve your desired height quickly.

Maintaining conifer hedging is easy by trimming twice a year. Being column like it’s generally the height that needs to most attention, with the vertical sides of the hedge perhaps only requiring a trim once a year. Ideally, trim and prune once in the early spring and then again in the autumn.

We stock many different types of conifer hedging in a variety of sizes including Thuja and Leylandii.

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