Garden Design

Centurion Paved Garden & Driveway


Concept to completion: 4 months

The client requested a complete refurbishment of their whole garden, including all boundaries, and the removal of some overgrown trees. Different shades of grey were chosen for the paving, edgings, kerbs and gravel to give a contemporary look.


The client had some very specific requirements for this project. They needed to extend the driveway to accommodate two cars and a camper-van, keep a path to the front door and allow for different levels within the garden.

This made our usual CAD drawing essential for discussing the options, and agreeing details that we then knew the client was happy with.


Brick walls and pillars were constructed to complement the brick-built house. The drive is on a lower level to the rest of the garden to meet existing fixed levels; this was achieved by using antique style kerbs to create a step. Two different shades of grey paving were used: one for the drive and one for the path. In addition, the driveway paving is thicker to take the weight of the vehicles.


After four months of work, our client was left with a completely refurbished garden, with the brand new lawn and some new planting completing its full transformation.

Modernised Farmhouse Garden

North Yorkshire

Concept to completion: 2 months


Rear Garden

Eaglescliffe, Stockton on Tees

Concept to completion: Classified


Garden Extension

Linthorpe, Middlesbrough

Concept to completion: 4 months


Terraced Garden Design


Concept to completion: 4 months


Slate Garden


Concept to completion: 6 weeks


Full Garden and Driveway Transformation


Concept to completion: 5 months


Terrace Refurbishment

Durham City

Concept to completion: 6 months


Sandstone Garden


Concept to completion: 4 weeks


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