Garden Design

Contemporary Multi Tiered Garden

Barnard Castle

Concept to completion: 5 weeks

barnard castle complete multi tiered garden


One of our landscapers met with the customers on site to discuss their needs and requirements from the project. They requested a contemporary design be drawn up for a modern garden, they had already decided that they would like to incorporate porcelain paving in to the design due to its longevity and low maintenance. The 2D colour design featured three tiers to create character and identify each area of the garden. The plan used circles and symmetry to show the boundaries of each tier and divide each area.

Multi tiered garden drawing plans


A full clearance and excavation of the site, is the first stage on any project, unfortunately our team came across unforeseen drainage problems meaning the job took longer than expected to complete.

A new drainage system was installed at this point to overcome previous drainage problems before the hard landscaping occurred. The garden really started to take shape when the foundations were installed to enable the construction of the kerbs, edgings and porcelain patios. Careful thought goes into each bespoke project, particularly one with different tiers to ensure each section interlinks as it should. A landing on the artificial turf step was installed to show prominence and add more character to the design.

building process for garden


Once the hardscaping and artificial turf was completed, it was time to add the finishing touches of gravel, planting and low voltage lighting. The customers chose one of our premium ranges of gravel “black ice” featuring eye catching black, grey and bluey white stones to further enhance the contemporary look they desired. Trees were planted along the back fence to screen it. The rest of the planting displayed was of varying heights with the taller plants closest to the fences and more eye-catching plants closer to the patios. Low voltage lighting was installed to transform the atmosphere and make the outdoor space usable at night.

complete barnard castle garden design

Entertaining Paradise


Concept to completion: 5 Weeks


A Natural Haven

Pusely, Barnard Castle

Concept to completion: 3 Weeks


Modern & Minimal Full Garden Design


Concept to completion: 5 Weeks


Modern Porcelain Patio with Contemporary Style Fencing


Concept to completion: 5 weeks


Large Modern Grey Porcelain Patio


Concept to completion: 5 1/2 weeks


Textured Paths, Steps and Patios with Decorative Fence Panels


Concept to completion: 5 weeks


Large Artificial Turf Garden


Concept to completion: 10 weeks


Raised Vegetable Beds with Aged Effect Cobble Paths


Concept to completion: 4 weeks


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