Contemporary resin driveway and wraparound porcelain patio

Concept to completion: 12 Weeks

White patio wrapping around a red brick house


The client required a design to future proof her outdoor space and make the area disabled friendly and suitable for wheelchair access. Whilst adhering to these characteristics the customer also desired a low maintenance, modern plan consisting of high-quality contemporary materials which also included a new driveway. Our landscaping expert created a drawing with a substantial porcelain patio that wrapped around the house with two porcelain paved ramps, one leading to the rear garden gate and one to the driveway. 

When deciding a suitable material to replace the old driveway with we suggested installing resin bound gravel. Resin drives offer a robust and attractive alternative to the older more traditional surfacing options and is particularly suited to a more contemporary look. Whilst selecting an appropriate colour, we suggested breaking the driveway up by choosing two colours, the client chose steel blue resin for the main area and a “roundabout” in polaris (darker aggregate contrasted by silver-grey granite flecks).

Arial view of a garden plan



The walls were built first to achieve the desired shape for the paved areas and more importantly to allow the paving to reach the height of the house.


The client chose vitrified porcelain paving slabs (600mm x 600mm) in a stunning shade of light grey, so bright they are almost white, the slabs are finished with a unique and distinct pattern which combines shades of white and grey to give the appearance of natural stone. For the client their attraction to the paving stemmed from its contemporary characteristic and its ease of maintenance.  A stable foundation was achieved through the infilling and compaction of dolomite and the porcelain paving laid in a half bond pattern to the top of this foundation.


The driveway area was excavated and prepared and the edges set to give the driveway its shape and to help with the levels. A tarmac sub base was laid ready for the resin. Unfortunately, due to covid sourcing the resin became a particular challenge, eventually we managed to acquire the appropriate colours and the resin was infilled by hand using a float to smooth and flatten the surface.

Extended white paito with a matching path


Water feature:

A five-foot stainless-steel ball water feature adds a crisp modern edge to the outdoor space providing a striking entrance as you drive up to the house.


The contemporary mix of evergreen and perennial planting adds interest all year round and very low maintenance which is ideal for the client.


The client requested a subtle but sophisticated lighting scheme to highlight the water feature and accentuate the soft and hard landscaping.

White patio with table and chairs in front of a red brick house

Contemporary resin driveway and wraparound porcelain patio

Concept to completion: 12 Weeks


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