Natural Sandstone Patio

Nunthorpe, Middlesborough

Concept to completion: 2½ weeks

Complete replacement of existing rear property paving to address weed growth and water logging to the edge of the lawn.

Hamilton Nunthorpe Patio 0007 Hamilton. Nunthorpe 6


The client required the existing paving to the rear of the house to be replaced. Weeds growing through the paving joints, water logging to the edge of the lawn and better access to the french doors and living area of the house were all points that needed to be considered in the new design.

Hamilton Nunthorpe Patio 0003 Rectangle 2


We chose Honey Grey Natural Limestone paving as the surface material laid in 4 sizes with antique setts edging; the colours and detail complimented the stone built house. Due to an awkwardly positioned manhole it was decided to construct two step landings and incorporate a recessed manhole cover in the lower step landing to provide much better access.


A brick slot drainage channel was built to the edge of the paving with the necessary silt trap. As all the paving is laid on a compacted stone foundation and laid on a wet mortar bed with a mortar joint between the slabs, weed growth in the paving joints will no longer be a problem. 

Hamilton Nunthorpe Patio 0004 Hamilton. Nunthorpe 7

Hamilton Nunthorpe Patio 0005 Hamilton. Nunthorpe 5

Hamilton Nunthorpe Patio 0007 Hamilton. Nunthorpe 6

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