Porcelain Plank Paved Patio


Concept to completion: 10 days

finished porcelain patio area


The customer required an entertaining area in a small section of her garden. She wished for a modern feel but from “everyday” materials. It was also important that the design fit it with the existing garden. A plan was created using for a raised patio using porcelain plank paving which gives an ultra contemporary feel whilst giving the aesthetic benefits of wood planking yet has a much longer lifespan. The planks were laid diagonally to introduce movement and add originality to the small simple design.

3D drawing of garden design patio


A simple excavation was required raising the area using hidden concrete blocks to retain the raised patio and kerbs to hold the shape, face the blocks and act as a step riser. The raised patio was bordered with the porcelain plank paving and infilled with the porcelain paving laid at a 45 degree angle. Due to this pattern requiring many precise cuts, a wet cutting bridge saw was used to achieve clean lines, PPE equipment such as gloves, googles and ear defenders were worn at all times whilst operating the machine.

building process of garden seating


We achieved the customers goal of utilising the space with a modern design featuring a more unusual paving type. The customer has also accepted a quotation for us to landscape another section of the garden next spring.


Contemporary resin driveway and wraparound porcelain patio

Concept to completion: 12 Weeks


Two Colour Porcelain Paved Patio

Bishop Auckland

Concept to completion: 4 Weeks


Contemporary Porcelain Patio


Concept to completion: 3 1/2 weeks


Porcelain Plank Paved Patio


Concept to completion: 10 days


Natural Sandstone Patio

Nunthorpe, Middlesborough

Concept to completion: 2½ weeks


Patio Extension With Hedges


Concept to completion: 1 month


The Perfect Patio


Concept to completion: 3 weeks


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