Walls & Kerbs

Impressive garden architecture

Adding architectural structure to a garden such as walls and kerbs is a simple yet effective way to add a new dimension to your outdoor space. The most subtle additions can add levels to give your garden and the end result can make your garden appear a lot bigger than it actually is.

Garden walls, flower beds, and kerbs come in all shapes, sizes and styles, allowing you to customise your choices based on your individual preferences and the space you have available. We've built a range of retainer, block and brick walls for our clients and will build any style of wall you desire to complement your property and show off features of the area.

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We offer a full walls & kerbs design service with FREE, no obligation estimates and advice on all our work. All our hard landscaping services include a 2 year guarantee.

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    Contact us and find out how best to utilise walls and kerbs in your garden. We'll arrange a home appointment at a time that works for you.

  • Assessment

    We'll send an experienced team member over to chat through your preferences as well as looking at your garden to assess your options.

  • Planning

    We'll then go away and pull together our designs. Shortly after you will receive an itemised breakdown of the costs involved with the project.

  • Acceptance

    We'll let you digest the plans and when you're happy we'll work together to finalise a start date for the work to commence.

  • After Care

    Our customers mean a lot to us. We'll never be far away so don't hesitate to contact us after the works been done for help or advice.

Designed and built by experts

Free-standing and retaining walls and kerbs require careful consideration in terms of design and construction. Stone, brick or recycled materials can be used, or even a combination of all three to create your desired effect.

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Walls with integrated steps

Use steps to introduce tiers to your garden and define different areas to make it a truly special place.

gallery steps5 thumb

Contained gradual steps

Capitalise on your space and combine flower beds alongside garden walls that shelter paved steps.

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Sloped garden beds

Using walls and kerbs to home an extensive range of your favourite plants in your garden will look spectacular.

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Contemporary contained

Contrast brightly coloured plants with greyscale walls and kerbs to really bring your garden to life.

gallery walling2 thumb

Double layered beds

Using two tiers can really give your outside space a bit off added character, creating multiple levels.

wall nunthorpe 86

Walled flower bed on slope

Perhaps you have bigger outdoor area that you want to make the most of? Don't let a slope hinder your vision!

“We are very pleased with all aspects of the garden; the design was contemporary and geometric which maximises the space in our small garden perfectly. We are so glad we chose this design as we have managed to fit everything that was on our wish list, and Wilkinson's workmanship was excellent.”

Mr & Mrs Atkinson