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A broad stroke guide to choosing the right paving for you.

April 29, 2019

Written by wilkinsonlandscapes

A pro and con list comparing natural stone to concrete

Getting to grips with your garden can be a very daunting task. With so many decisions to make, choosing the right paving for you can be one of the hardest. Here is a broad stroke guide to paving.


Natural Stone


  • Colour lasts forever, with the right maintenance
  • Very strong, will outlast all of us
  • Every flag is unique


  • Can be very expensive in comparison to concrete alternative
  • Requires a greater skill level to be laid correctly
  • More likely to have problems with staining ‘picture framing’



  • When a totally consistent colour and texture is required concrete is the only option
  • Cheaper
  • Easier to lay


  • Colour will fade
  • When chipped aggregates are exposed
  • Almost impossible to extend areas years later, with a consistent finish