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Top 6 easy to maintain plants to brighten up any garden

August 1, 2017

Written by wilkinsonlandscapes

If you bring home beautiful looking plants but struggle to keep them alive, then this guide is for you! Discover these 6, easy to maintain plants that will brighten up your garden.


Many varieties; deciduous or evergreen. Can live in dry or moist borders, in sun or shade. Very easy plant to grow and can be a great way of injecting some colour into difficult plant areas.


Very pretty evergreen shrub, valued for its bright spring foliage. Prefers acidic soil but will tolerate being in an alkaline border, so as long as it is regularly mulched with ericaceous compost or rotten pine needles. 

Yucca gloriosa

Evergreen plant native to sandy lowland areas of Southeast USA. This plant looks very exotic and is widely used as an architectural focal point. It is also very hardy with standing temperatures of up to -20 degrees. It needs very little maintenance, just remove the dead leaves and flowers.

Hardy Geraniums

‘If in doubt, plant a Geranium’. Amazingly floriferous, great ground cover, slug and rabbit resistant, attractive to bees and not fussy on soil conditions in sun or part shade.


Hardy perennial that will stay evergreen if not exposed to freezing temperatures, if (and when) it does there are still no worries, Geum’s will pop back up in the spring and flower early to mid-summer. Part of the Rose family and closely related to the Potentilla and Fragaria.

Clematis Montana

Montana group Clematis are a vigorous deciduous climbers, they are very easy to grow; unlike most varieties of Clematis which require special care and attention for the first few years to get them growing. Be careful will get very large if not pruned!